Face Treatments

Did you know that it is not just wrinkles that can make you look older? Uneven pigmentation, open pores, sagging skin and poor texture can add years to your face. Thankfully for those who want to showcase a more youthful complexion, we have fantastic treatments. With rave reviews for contouring jawlines and banishing jowls, Ultherapy has become an A-list go-to treatment. Or if you want to tighten and tone your face, the Fotona 4D facelift is brilliant and will give ensure your skin is completely rejuvenated.

In the UAE, the sun is the skin’s number one enemy but through the wonder of peels, we can easily eliminate all signs of sun damage including sun spots and uneven pigmentation.

Unfortunately for many, acne is not an issue associated purely with teens but for sufferers of adult acne, we can use an array of peels and light therapies to banish acne.

So whether you suffer from hormonal acne, have unsightly pigmentation or you just want to keep aging at bay, our range of treatments promise you the chance to showcase simply stunning skin.