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Pollution-the enemy of beautiful skin

How pollution could be harming your skin

 Urban pollution includes smog, chemicals in the air, UV light, as well as artificial lights and radiation from phones and electronic devices. This type of pollution features free radicals, one of the root causes of premature aging. This constant continuous absorption of pollutants makes our systems over-stressed, which has a negative impact on the skin and causes multiple imperfections to appear.

There are many indications you would expect to see on the skin as a result of pollution. These include inflammation, acne, the appearance of spider veins, dull or tired skin, premature aging and dark spots. Healthy skin is radiant, even and it reflects light. Daily pollutants cause the skin to clog and rejuvenation slows down. It interferes with the metabolism of the cells, causing skin to start to prematurely age.
Sadly we are not in a situation where we are in control of our environment – the weather, the radiation, the devices that are always around us – so we have to take a proactive preventative approach and protect our skin with skincare that includes SPF and antioxidants.
With the constant stresses of our environment and the negative impacts that these factors can have on our skin, it is vital to include some form of defence in your skincare and antioxidants offer brilliant protection. The label “anti-pollution skincare” is possibly a new beauty buzz word but the science behind it is solid and something we should take into consideration when choosing skincare products. Vitamin C and E are very powerful antioxidants along with Vitamin A. I like a product from Phyto C called Selenium in C Serum. Selenium act synergistically to provide the most potent antioxidant properties to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on the skin type, however, I would use a different blend of antioxidants so it is important to seek professional advice to determine which product range would be best suited to your particular skin type.
It is also vital to use SPF and a gentle cleanser, one that doesn’t strip the skin or remove natural oils.
To combat the effects of urban pollution and environmental factors it is important to have an exfoliating treatment so dead skin cells can be removed and skin can function at its optimum. I love the Viora Pristine. This diamond peel microdermabrasion treatment is an award-winning procedure that delivers unrivalled results using a non-invasive exfoliation method. The diamond tips used with this treatment is in contrast to other methods that use crystals made of aluminum oxide to exfoliate the skin. Diamond is harder than both crystal materials, and the diamond tips allow for increased hygiene and more accuracy in treating specific areas of the face. It is also important to have oxygenating treatments if the skin is showing signs of trauma or sun damage and there is a range of lasers (dependent on skin type) that can target the effects environmental damage. There is also a new treatment type emerging called Superfacial, which is perfect for skin that has been comprised due to environmental factors and it works to restore skin radiance and stimulate cellular metabolism.
Finally, it is important to be proactive in your approach to limiting the effects of pollution and there are several steps you can take to do this. If you cannot move away from an urban environment, then consider wearing a mask (a custom which is popular in Asia – a destination that has recently been touted as a beauty savvy culture!) and ensure you spend time by the sea or in a green area to get plenty of oxygen. Avoid the sun as much as possible and if you are planning to be outdoors, wear SPF. Follow a healthy diet that has no sugars or caffeine and finally be proactive when it comes to your skincare regime.




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